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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back at the hospital... I was late and missed the transport guys picking Tracey up. I did run across the street and meet her as she was getting out of the ambulance. more on transport guys later... Tracey did her treatment and then asked to talk to the nurse about the nausea and dry mouth. The nurse told her that the nausea could be caused by the radiation but not the dry mouth. So, she is suspecting the cause to be the meds. her pain has been around 4 most of the day. She just took 30 mg of Oxycodone an hour early in an attempt to reduce the pain. She still is not eating, and all the dr's do is tell her that she needs to force herself to eat... I don't know but i don't think tracey follows orders put to her in that manner.

Okay - the crack ambulance crew - they show up 45 minutes early Tracey isn't dressed and hasn't taken her meds yet. they rush her and the nurses. Tracey leaves without her meds. then they didn't know where they are going. I meet them as they arrive at 200. and lead them to the Radiation dept. EMT Sermeno said to his partner "I don't want to go in there and get zapped". I don't think that was very considerate. They were told it would be 10 minutes so they decided to go to lunch. They come strolling back 45 minutes later and bring her back to the hospital... the nurse walked in after they left and asked Tracey if they know what they were doing.... another day in the medical industry...

Pain 7

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