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Monday, June 30, 2008

I dont know where to begin...

Transport is ridiculous. they were a hour and a half late to pick Tracey up for radiation treatment. Then tried to blame Tracey because they wanted to get her an hour and a half early but she wasn't ready. Then Radiation was mad that she was on a gurney and not in a wheelchair. Their elevator doesn't accommodate a gurney. I had to explain to them that it was tracey's dr. that ordered the gurney because of the DVT. And of course I explained in the nicest possible way..... Today has been a bad day for my temper..

The Radiation Oncologist told me that the right side weakness will subside as steroids take affect. They also told me that she should have never been taken off of the Steroids - I heard the Dr's talk about the notes saying "its in my notes and Dr. Garons notes that she should remain on the steroid treatment, why did neurology DC them?" Again the well organized multi discipline UCLA machine strikes again.

After radiation Tracey's pain grew to an 8 and as we arrived back at the room Dr. Garon was there. Tracey discussed the pain with him and then he met with Dr. Stein. They came back together and basically told Tracey that the first thing they need to do is get her back to where she was on Thursday. So, Dr. Stein ordered the PCA pump of Dilaudid. She is being removed from all Oral meds. Also, starting tomorrow she will become a part of the resident Oncologist rounds.

I know there is a lot of information here so I am going to open up the Comment Section for questions.


  1. Brandon you are a saint! Thank you for all that you do. Is tracey eating at all?

  2. You're doing great. It's ok to give your temper a workout now and again. How's the baby doing? How was Tracey after the tx today? Love, Nicole and The Baltimore Cousins

  3. Hi Brandon - this is Doodsie Price-Pat's sister in Chicago. We are so grateful that Tracey has you in her life. We are praying for all of you every single day. What a long journey you have been on since your wedding. If there is anything you need or anything we could do - consider it done. I sent Tracey another pair of Pajamas. They are so pretty - just like Tracey - off white, very soft and they have lace on the front. I didn't know how big the baby was. This pair is not maternity like the aqua blue ones were. I think they'll be fine but if not I'll be happy to send another pair. You have so much patience for all the shortcomings of the hospital and staff. God love you! I would be a lunatic. Please give Tracey and your daughter our love and prayers. I would give anything if I could make things different for all of you. Isn't Diane the cat's meow? We think the sun rises and sets on her. Take care, Brandon. May God hold hold you in the palm of His hands in the days and weeks to come. Love always, Doods & Al

  4. Brandon, thank you so very much for keeping all of us in the loop. you are a wonderful man, husband to my cousin. thank you!!!
    love cheryl

  5. Brandon,

    Sometimes you need to let the staff know that the laziness won't be tolerated. I hope the CEO pays attention to your information. In the meantime, hold tight to each other. We are all following the blog so you know you are both in our thoguhts and prayers every day. Give Tracey a hug for me....and Diane too while you're at it.

    Love, Jane