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Monday, June 30, 2008

UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital.... looks good but not 100 up. - no wireless network. cafeteria lines are similar to ones at Disneyland. Parking (valet only) is $13 a day for one entry. $25 if you want in and out for 24 hours. The design of the LND and postpartum doesn't work. every time a baby is moved from LND to Postpartum it must pass though the elevator lobby which then sets off an alarm and shuts down the elevators. its great to stop babies from being kidnapped, but it stops the whole operation. I sat waiting in the elevator lobby for 10 minutes waiting for the alarm to clear. Which it never did. nobody new how to reset the alarm. and nobody responded to the alarm. i ended up walking to the employee only elevator.

Cant wait to see how she gets to Radiation. I was reading this morning that there are 27 miles of hallway in this hospital. I sure we will be lost in most of them on our way to radiation.

anyway lots of kinks to work out - I just wish they weren't working them out while tracey needs focused and un-distracted medical care.

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