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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Issue...

After Tracey uses the bedpan she starts shaking. very similar to muscle spasm, but everywhere. both legs torso even her teeth start chattering. It scares her really really bad, Tracey notified the nurses... it was change over so both the morning and night nurses came in. they said they would notify the doctor.

I am starting to feel like the black sheep. Some people have stopped looking me in the eye. I dont know if they just don't know how to handle this terrible situation or they are mad because I contacted administration.. don't know. just weird.

I dont think i mentioned earlier that I had ad hoc meeting with both Dr. Garon (while I was holding my cheese burger and fries - don't tell trace - and Dr. Tabsh (in the hallway) both were very informative. Today I saw Dr. Tabsh in a new light. I have always known that he is a very talented OB but today for the first time he reviled his compassionate side. I think he is also starting to get angry at this situation and frustrated that he cant fix it.... yet

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