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Monday, July 7, 2008

Parking - I had to buy a new long term parking pass 25 days (the longest they offer) for $100. I asked the lady "where can I park with this" and she started to tell me that it is for 200 medical plaza (the building next door) but if it is full I can park across the street at the old hospital. I asked her if 200 medical plaza gets full very often and she told me "nobody wants to pay the $13 or $25 a day for hospital parking so everyone is using 200 plaza because its only $10" I think someone needs to rethink there parking policy.

I wonder if the city knows that the hospital is using the MOB parking lot as hospital parking. I know that both the Uniform Building Coda and Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety are very specific about parking and spaces. this hospital is required to have 700 (2 per bed) parking spaces. The MOB is required to have 1 space for every 200 Sqft. If the hospital is trying to use the MOB parking standard they would need 5000 spaces... i don't think they have that... I think someone needs to rethink their parking policy so that the people using the hospital park at the hospital....


  1. The hospital should hire Brandon as a consultant. He would iron out the problems in no time. Stay vigilant. Love, Bonnie

  2. Brandon and Tracey
    I'm thinkingg of you always and following the blog too. My family also sends you their good thoughts; we were together some over the 4th.We leave for ME on Friday- H can come but B is taking a course. They are hoping to conference call you soon.