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Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick update

Tracey's surgery went fine but she is in the worst pain I have ever seen her in. The doctors have given her 8 mg dilaudid and 50 mg fentanyl and in the last 15 minutes and her pain is still a 10. They think this should become controlled within an hour or so.

The baby - which does not have a name yet - is doing good. Cried loudly at birth. 4lb 4oz 15"

Diane, Debbie, Jo, Geneva, and lucky were here.


  1. 'Miracle' call her 'Myra' or 'Mira'

    Also 'Maravilla'

    The girl's name Maravilla \m(a)-ra-villa, marav(il)-la\ is of Spanish and Latin origin, and its meaning is "miracle to marvel at".

    Maravilla has 5 variant forms: Marvel, Marvella, Marvelle, Marivel and Marivella.

  2. What wonderful news!
    Love, The Baltimore Cousins