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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tracey is no longer on O2. it appears to be just an issue with the machine. Tracey's pain is still increasing. The pain guys dont know what to do. they have asked tracey what she wants. They have increased her Dilaudid to 1 mg every 6 min, but that is means she is up every hour when the pain comes back. I am looking for some help with what Tracey can take to give her some long term relief. If anyone has any ideas, because the pain guys dont, please let me know.

Diane flew the giraffe across the country. It is very cute. Tracey is really getting into the baby now. She still has not decide on a delivery date or a name but I think she is close.



  1. Buck & BobbieJuly 24, 2008 at 2:27 PM

    Bobbie wants to know if Tracey is still on the Fentanyl.

    I thought Diane flew on the plane not on the giraffe....LOL But she is my sister....LOL

    We are constantly thinking and praying for you both and the baby.

    Uncle Buck & Aunt Bobbie

  2. Is there any way they can use a nerve block that won't hurt the baby? I mean they use epidurals during birth to block the pain...there should be something like that for a situation like this.

    All three of you are in my prayers every day.