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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spoke with Dr. Anderson and she cleared up my confusion.

Tracey told the Doctors that she is not ready to go home as nothing has been arranged. She really needs to talk to someone in discharge and a case manage to find out how we are suppose to go home on IV pain Drugs, Nutrition, Antibiotics, fluids and what ever else... Someone needs to help we have no idea what to do.


  1. This is appalling. Does this hospital not understand that you have a written online PUBLIC record of their service? Looks like it’s time to e-mail the CEO again…good luck. Sorry this is happening. - Claudia

  2. I agree.....I really feel like you guys need a patient advocate working for you......
    This is not something you guys need to deal with , on top of everything else....

  3. You need a home health nurse and you need someone to start teaching you Brandon how to care for Tracey at home. If the hospital doesn't arrange it you can call an outside agency close to your house. No matter what you do it will be confusing and you won't know all the answers. Don't stress out, just depend on yourselves and your family to pitch in. You will be doing a lot of work with Tracey and the baby and it does get hard and frustrating. But, I know you will all feel much better as hard as it will be, to be home together. God Bless