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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tracey is fighting nausea. She has tried every conventional method they have to offer and still constant 24 hour nausea. They are going to start trying combinations of drugs for different illnesses that have a side affect of an anti emetic. Tracey is seriously contemplating taking Tarceva ( ) but the stumbling block is that she cant swallow the pill. Hopefully the new combo anti emetic will help and she can start drug treatment.

Tracey will be doing a PET scan sometime soon. The doctors want to check for and disease progression. I will update you as soon as I know more.

Tracey will be going to the Westwood apartment on Wednesday with a home help nurse. She will stay there until Bella comes home sometime the following week. Then both Tracey and Bella will go to Huntington beach.

Bella - As a precaution Bella has had a chest xray (which was fine) and is scheduled for a contrast MRI of her brain and organs. The Pediatric Oncologist wants to make sure no cancer was passed. There are only 5 cases known so this is really just being overly cautious. They did do a biopsy on Tracey/Bella's placenta and it came back negative. I will update you went I know more.

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  1. Brandon,
    I know the doctors know more than I but ask them about's an antidepressant but it makes you hungry and takes away nausea...worked for me and many others. I know Tracey's nausea is much worse but its worth a shot.

    Give Diane and Tracey and hug and kiss for me!


    Carrie Ya Ya East Coast Cousin