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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I cant believe Tracey is Gone. I feel like nothing is real, everything is fake. I know its not a nightmare, it is for real. I want to go back to Friday and give her another kiss and never release the last hug. I cant. i want to hide and never be seen again. Tracey was an unbelievable woman. She gave me my strength. I don't know how to go forward without her. We had so many plans... will be up shortly and will be updated with all Tracey's writings and documents that I think she would like released. Also I will post email from loved ones and anything else I feel Tracey would like. Its going to my way to show people that never met Tracey Diane Tressler what a special person she was.

The Maryland Service will be next Saturday, October 25, 3pm at Ruck’s Funeral Home on York Rd in Towson. There will be a reception afterwards.


  1. Brandon,

    I too am missing my friend and I can only imagine what it must be like for you.

    Tracey was such a gentle and genuine person; a true friend and such an easy person to like and to love. Trust that there are many people you've never even met that have been thinking of her and of you and Bella in these recent days.

    A group Tracey's college friends are gathering this evening in College Park to remember her. We will be sharing stories, photos, laughter and tears.

    When the website is up, we should have some contributions to offer of photos and memories from what we share tonight. Please let me know if you would welcome them and I will help make sure they get to you.

    Woody Irvin

  2. Brandon,

    I wish there were words to help you heal but, unfortunately, there are none. Have you considered a bereavement group? It might be helpful to share your feelings with those who can fully understand what you are experienceing. FYI, TWC provides such a service.

    Will you be posting the photo montage you presented at the memorial? It was such a beautiful and breath-taking capture of Tracey's life.