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Friday, October 10, 2008

I decided to give hospice at shot. They are suppose to start today.

I hope they do as tracey is out of her nightly nutrition. Also, I woke at 3 to check on Tracey and she had a 103 fever and is having a hard time breathing. I gave her some meds to calm her and to help with the fever, and to sleep. Her fever has come down a bit, but she is still laboring to breath and has not fallen asleep.

Tracey is in very bad condition.


  1. You are in our prayers today and always. I hope hospice will be a comfort to all of you, and help ease these difficult days. Love, Nicole

  2. Brandon and Family,

    Godspeed to Tracey and blessings to you.

  3. Hi, I used hospice when my Mother was sick. My sister and I had the same feelings about having a stranger in our home caring for our Mother and being there with our kids. We did not want the lady there at first but as days passed we ended up looking out the window in the driveway waiting for her to show up. We did need her, she helped tremendously.

    My entire church is praying for Tracy and your family.

  4. Tracey is in my prayers today and always. Love to all of you!


  5. Me and my coworkers (all over the country and their church members and family members) are praying for you all today and every day. We love you. Stacey

  6. You are in my prayers and godspeed to tracey!!
    love cheryl

  7. Our prayers and those of my AA friends are with you all....

    Love to Tracey, Brandon, Bella, Diane and Clyde3....

    Uncle Buck & Aunt Bobbie

  8. You are in our prayers. We are always thinking about you. Please give Diane a hug from us. Love, Betty Ann & Fred

  9. Tracey, you, Bella, and Diane are in my prayers every day Brandon. I'm glad you're getting hospice...I know they were a great help to me when Frank was was at the end of his illness and they will be for you too I am sure.

    They will keep her comfortable and let you spend all your time with her.

    There are no words to tell you how sad we all are but just know you have a large and loving family here that will stand ready to help with whatever we can whenever you call.

    Love and Blessings,

  10. Brandon, Bella and Diane
    My thoughts and prays are with you. My biggest prayers and comfort are for you Tracey. I love you all.

    East Coast Cousin