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Monday, September 8, 2008

Stand up to Cancer (by Brandon)

Stand Up to Cancer - Please,

I want one person to walk into the room where a 39 year old mother of a 6 week old daughter is wasting away and the Doctors cant even relieve her nausea and tell her "We are Standing Up to Cancer and we had a great TV fund Raiser" .... The AACR has had 100 years to make a difference, "Stand up" and tell Tracey how much funding has gone to her... I guess if I wanted to pay AACR's $25 per article per 24 hour period fee I could read about what they have done. The public Website is just heartwarming stories of greatness.... Come on over and look at what cancer really does... Its in the room next to me.

In 2007 our tax money gave 4.7 billion ($4,792,600,000.00) (over $30,000.00 per new case of all cancers) for Cancer Research.... Lets stop this "Stand up" shit.... I know it makes people feel good but it doesn't help the problem. Stand Up received 100 million in donations a whopping 2% of the current federal research budget. How much advertising revenue did the 3 networks lose during the event. Do they get a tax write off?

Where is all the money going... Oh, 4.7 billion is nothing compared to the 1.5 Trillion (1,500,000,000,000,000.00 - 2004 estimates) paid to the healthcare industry to treat symptoms.

Can someone tell me why Breast Cancer Research get 2 times the funding as lung. Breast Cancer has a 90% 5 year survival Rating compared to the 15% of lung cancer. Breast Cancer kills 41,000 people each year, Lung Cancer kill 4 times that 160,000 people...  THE RESEARCH SHOULD BE FUNDED PROPORTIONAL  I guess as a country we like boobs better then lungs....

Now, I am fired up... I think I am going to start a non profit that directs research money... Who wants to be on the board?


  1. Brandon,

    COUNT ME IN! I totally agree with you! The funding should be there...I thought the attention would focus on more research after Dana Reeves died. What can we do on the East Coast to help?

    Carrie, Ya Ya Cousin

  2. You know I am allways by your side so lets do it.

    Peace Love

  3. It infuriates me the lack of money and attention that goes to lung cancer research considering the devastating statistics on survival. The truth is this country views it as an "it's your own fault" cancer that is hard to "glamourize" like breast cancer. But NO ONE deserves this, and many, many victims like Tracey have never touched a cigarette. I'm in.


  4. Very well said!
    Like you,so very well stated, your watching your wife & the mother of your newborn, baby girl "waste away" in front of your eyes---& the medical "experts" can't even relieve Tracey's nausea! PATHETIC!!
    I'll bet if she were the wife/daughter of one of these
    "specialists", they'd "knock themselves out" to do anything and everything to help her in this "wicked", heartbreaking tragedy! You KNOW they would!
    Mary (MI)