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Monday, September 1, 2008

Well its labor day and Diane has left to go see her husband, Clyde 3 is on his way. Bella, and Tracey are sleeping, Bella should be up any minute, but I will try to get this update finished.

Tracey is very sick, the nausea has come back and is taking a toll. She has started to shut everyone out including Bella and I. She tries to sleep though the days, just waiting for this to be over. Christy and Alexa were over for diner last night, they tried to  get tracey out of her room by enticing her with a fire pit and smores but it didnt work. We went ahead and enjoyed it though. Christy stayed the night for the second time this week and took care of Bella though the night helping everyone get a little more sleep. She has been a great help.

Bella is doing good. She is awake a lot now, looking around in amazement. This week I will get the Bella cameras up so you can start seeing live view when you please.

I will keep updating as much as possible... 

These are pictures of last nights sunset.


  1. Those pictures are amazing. Bella is sooo gorgeous. It was wonderful meeting her the other day. She is very lucky to have you as her Daddy !


  2. I could totally do night time duty for Bella...

    Brandon, I texted you. Check your phone and let me know, ok?